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CBD Flower Bubble Gum

CBD Flower Bubble Gum

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Focus on Bubble Gum CBD flower

The special features of Bubble Gum cannabidiol flower are its fluorescent green color, as well as its tangy flower scent and very sweet flavors.

Furthermore, it combines cannabis aromas that are at once sweet, lemony and tangy with a sticky, resinous texture. Suffice to say, it has all the hallmarks of a premium quality flower. With large, heavy, concentrated buds, Bubble Gum promises a pure moment of relaxation.

Bubble Gum CBD flower: multiple benefits and advantages

Grown in ideal conditions, this flower has been able to grow well so as to develop voluminous, dense, terpene-rich flowers Featuring an authentic flavor and a rich aromatic profile, CBD Bubble Gum flower is organic and 100% natural as no chemical fertilizers or pesticides were used to make it.

Its Sativa dominant will promote deep relaxation as well as immediate general soothing. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic virtues soothe your muscle, joint or tendon pain. Its more than pleasant taste will make you enjoy a pleasant tasting moment.

Bubble Gum is a non-psychoactive CBD flower. In fact, it contains less than 0.3% THC and complies to the letter with current European standards. It's therefore a perfectly legal product, with no risk of unpleasant, harmful side effects. Thanks to its anxiolytic effect, it also helps to fight stress, anxiety and temporary depression.

Provided with interesting anti-inflammatory virtues, it will help you reduce all kinds of inflammation. Its anti-epileptic properties are sometimes used in epilepsy treatment. Finally, cannabidiol Bubble Gum flower offers antioxidant virtues that help slow cellular aging.

Cannabidiol Bubble Gum flower consumption methods

You can consume this CBD flower in three different ways: either by vaporization, infusion or through food. To vaporize it, you need to use a quality vaporizer, previously heated to around 180°C. In this way, you'll obtain sweet, healthy vapors.

To consume it as an infusion, simply infuse a few grams of flowers for several minutes in boiling water. Remember to add a fatty substance such as butter or vegetable oil, as CBD is fat-soluble.

Finally, you can use CBD as an infusion.

Finally, you can also add it to your favorite culinary preparations at a rate of one to two grams maximum per dish. Don't forget the fat so that all the cannabinoids are activated.

Storage time for CBD Bubble Gum flowers

Store your flowers away from air, light and humidity. You can store them in their original packaging, which is a hermetic pouch designed for this purpose.

When properly stored, your CBD Bubble Gum flowers are consumable for around 6 months.

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