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L’Olive, résine de CBD à 10 % - 10G

Olive, 10% CBD resin - 10G

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CBD rate
10 %
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Identity card for Olive, the high-quality CBD resin

Present on the market since CBD entered it, its history as well as its origins make it very attractive to connoisseurs. In fact, the CBD resin in Olive comes from the most natural and mineral-rich regions of Asia.

The CBD resin is a natural product that has been used for many years in the past. Olive CBD is a variety of cannabidiol resin in a spherical, dark brown form with a wide range of flavors and benefits.

It corresponds to a blend of pollen and a extraction rich in cannabinoids. &As the most appreciated of all in the global CBD resin market, it is highly acclaimed and remains difficult to find.

In addition, very pleasing to the eye and to the touch, Olive has a smoother, shinier surface than conventional resin.

How is the CBD resin l’Olive it superior?

Its benefits Grâce à its fatty texture, légèrement sticky, you will be able to enjoy a compact product, easy à manipulate and model même for the débutants This resin has been cultivated by experts according to an ancestral know-how that consists of rubbing the leaves of cannabis by hand.

Only professionals with a good mastery and knowledge of the product are able to make it The Olive is perfectly legal since it contains a level of THC less than 0.2%.

This means that it complies with the current European law regarding CBD-based consumables Having a cannabidiol content of 10% will satisfy both amateurs and connoisseurs.

As such, it is known to be a highly concentrated CBD resin and is among the most potent on the market Find anti-stress effects as well as powerful anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties By acting as a regulator on our body's endocannabinoid system, CBD helps stabilize mood, appetite and sleep, among other things People suffering from anxiety, temporary pressure and/or chronic pain will be pleased to know that consuming CBD on a daily basis can soothe their ailments Because of its high cannabidiol concentration, a small amount is enough to benefit from its therapeutic virtues.

Thus, the CBD Olive will offer you effective relaxing effects rather quickly, while lasting longer Lovers of hash will have the pleasure of rediscovering its earthy and herbaceous goo characteristic, in a CBD version à 100% À you the feeling of physical and mental wellness without the risk of addiction or suffer untold side effects since the CBD Olive resin does not contain psychoactive substance.

How to store and consume CBD Olive for maximum benefits 

It is advisable to rather consume it in infusion or vaporization, in order to better realize its artificial and make the most of its effects. To vaporize it, all you'll need to do is equip yourself with a quality vaporizer and heat it to 210°C.

The inhalation will be done in a healthy way, without tobacco or other toxic products. This is the healthiest consumption alternative for CBD consumers. By using this method, you will not take long to feel the first effects, which will not be long-lasting.

Finally, you have the option of consuming this wonderful product by incorporating it into your favorite cooking recipes. By ingestion, the effects of cannabidiol can take an average of one hour to manifest. They do, however, last longer over time. Store your flowers away from air, light and moisture.

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