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Pastille CBD Strawberry 99,6% - 3G

Pastille CBD Strawberry 99,6% - 3G

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CBD STRAWBERRY 99.6%: the perfect size for foodie nomads CBD habitual consumers are usually familiar with CBD oil or else flowers. But lozenges are increasingly taking place in the CBD market. In fact, it's the perfect size for people with busy days or who are often on the go. The bottle is the perfect size to fit anywhere. Plus, taking a PASTILLE CBD STRAWBERRY 99.6% can be done discreetly. Thus, it is the most simple and fun formatto consume CBD (cannabidiol). Plus, it's suitable for both beginners and initiated consumers. Finally, their delicious strawberry flavor helps turn CBD consumption into the most indulgent and enjoyable taste experience. What are the benefits of CBD? STRAWBERRY 99.6% CBD PASTILLES provide many benefits to the body and well-being. They can be used on a daily basis or as a cure or supplement depending on your issues. For example, CBD is very effective against chronic stress and anxiety. These lozenges can also help you reclaim your appetite and mood. Cannabidiol also helps reduce digestive problems, especially by acting on inflammation in the body. Taking a 99.6% STRAWBERRY CBD PASTILLE eases physical pain. The cannabidiol molecules contact the endocannabinoid system of the human body and limit the transmission of the pain message. Finally, consuming CBD helps to improve sleep qualityby combating nightmares, nighttime awakenings and insomnia. Consumed half an hour before bedtime, STRAWBERRY 99.6% CBD PASTILLES help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.  How to consume STRAWBERRY 99.6% CBD PASTILLES Just let each lozenge melt under your tongue to enjoy its benefits. The effects are felt between 30 minutes and one hour after ingestion, and last for three to five hours. This method of administration allows cannabidiol to diffuse rapidly through the bloodstream into the body. The 99.6% CBD content of these lozenges allows for optimal effectiveness. In the beginning, we recommend that you start with one lozenge per day. You can increase to three lozenges if you don't feel any particular effect.  You can gradually increase the number of lozenges consumed. However, beyond five, we recommend that you seek advice from a healthcare professional.

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