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Pastille CBD Apple 99,6% - 3G

Apple CBD Lozenge 99.6% - 3G

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What are the effects of a 99.6% APPLE CBD PASTILLE? Like all products made with CBD (cannabidiol), APPLE 99.6% CBD PASTILLES provide numerous therapeutic effects that act on physical and moral well-being. In case of stress or anxiety, consuming a 99.6% APPLE CBD PASTILLE can help you calm down and regain some serenity. A lozenge can absolutely be consumed at work during a busy time. Consumed in the evening after your day, apple CBD lozenges help you cool down and relax. They also prepare you for a good night's sleep and decrease the time it takes to fall asleep.  Why choose APPLE 99.6% CBD PASTILLES These small lozenges that are highly concentrated in CBD (as the name suggests, up to 99.6%) make it quick and easy to consume CBD when the need arises.  The little bottle is a nomadic format that fits anywhere: in your bag, your pocket, your car. It can even find a home on your desk. If you suffer from travel stress, this tablet format is perfect and won't spill in your bag.   A 99.6% APPLE CBD PASTILLE is ideal for discreet consumption: simply place it in your mouth and let it melt under your tongue for the effects to kick in after about thirty minutes. These last for a few hours. What are the benefits of APPLE 99.6% CBD PASTILLES? APPLE 99.6% CBD PASTILLES are made from organically grown hemp. They have a CBD content of 99.6%, or about 10 mg per lozenge. Each bottle contains approximately 30 green apple-flavored lozenges, which are sugar, lactose and gluten free.  These apple pastilles are made in Switzerland and are very low in calories. They contain compressed cannabidiol and food coloring.  So this is a real quality product if you want to consume CBD easily throughout the day. Start by taking one lozenge, and if the desired effects do not appear you can take up to three a day.  Of course, if you're a seasoned CBD user, you can increase the amount of lozenges when stressed. Otherwise, don't hesitate to seek professional advice.

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