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Cartouche Pod 1% CBD COOKIES - 0,75ml

1% CBD COOKIES Pod Cartridge - 0,75ml

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Plant of Life

For all detente including the use of an electronic cigarette, CBD Cookies is among the best products to choose. Indeed, The PodCookies flavor with 1% CBD cartridge is a product branded Plant of Life flavored with natural terpeness.

It contains a blend of'e-liquid of 50%vegetable glycerin and 50%propylene glycol. Cartridge Pod 1 % CBD is cdesigned to besuitable with the JUUL vaporizer.

Cartridge BenefitsPod 1 % CBD Cookies -0, 75 %ml

Cartridge Pod 1 % CBD Cookies -0, 75 % ml is convenient and very usable for beginners as well as the experienced. Unlike d'others product, Cookies aroma cartridges encompass your mouth with beautiful sensations and provident a delicious flavor. the CBD Cookies contained in the cartridge shows some originality in its tasting characteristics.  

the CBD Cookies liquid does not have any negative effects on the organism. Cbecause its purpose is to provide satisfaction and a relaxingfeeling to users. This product is not carcinogenicet does not impair cognitive activitiess of the brain.

The cartridge usage Pod 1 % CBD Cookies -0, 75 %ml

It is necessary to have knowledge of how to use a cartridgePod. For its use dosing can beapplied depending on the effects that they produce and according to the profile of the vapoteur. In addition, do not exceedthe fill limit.

Also, as for any product it is possible to change or refill its e-cigarette using cartridges Prod. For this fact, in a first time, it is enough to'remove the capcap plastic with the aid of a small flathead screwdriver.

As a second step, gently remove the'cap or plug that is at the CBD Cookies tank. In theend it is appropriate to pour the e-liquid of your choice into the tank. Then, reassemble the'parts assembly.

Legal character of theproduct

(cartridge Pod 1 % CBD Cookies -0, 75 ml) ThecartridgesPod 1 % CBD Cookies -0, 75 %ml are typically sold in several stores (physical or online) by legale. European law on electronic cigarettes passed since 2019 authorizes the sale and'use of this product.

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