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Cartouche Pod 1% CBD OG KUSH - 0,75ml

1% CBD OG KUSH Pod Cartridge - 0.75ml

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Plant of Life

The OG Kush cartridge is a product of thehe Plant lifeIt contains a unique substance: CBD with a hemp flavour. It is a relaxing product, and very practical, natural answer to worries and well-being longed-for

Pod cartridges OG Kusha hemp flavouring for a unique taste

Perfect for your e-cigarettes, the CBD e liwhichd cartridges OG Kushis composed from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (VG) with a 50/50 ratio. She's fromsigned in a Capsule from Contents0.75 Ml, with a CBD content of 1%.

Its hemp aroma which comes from the terpenes naturally present in the plant, gives it a very realistic taste. There is no doubt that thishis flavour will fromlight you if you wish to discover the fragrance of this emblematic hemp variety of years70.

Use of cartridges OG Kush

The e cigarette is composed of a liwhichd tank in the form of a cartridge. A change of cartridge is rewhichred if it is worn. Remove the cartridge of the fromvice is a very simple task, and fast.

You have the option of using the sealed cartridge OG Kush brand Plant of Life, or choose the refillable cartridges. The sealed cartridge avoids handling of e-liwhichd and saves you time. Simply remove the cartridge and replace it in the fromvice by the new sealed cartridge.

However, if you choose the refillable cartridges, you will have to fill the tank yourself. To do this, all you need is a screwdriver and some cotton wool.

The screwdriver will help you remove the mouthpiece cap and the rubber cap, and the cotton to surround the holes in the cap, to avoid problems in use.

Fill your cartridge with the e-liwhichd OG Kushand this in only 2min. The dosage is up to you and will frompend on your profile vapoteur, beginner or advanced, and the intensity of the effects fromsired.

Legal nature of the product

The cartridges Pod OG Kush of the Plant of Life brand, contains neither nicotine nor THC. They are also subject to numerous controls. CThe product can therefore be consumed legally without that you are not exposed to possible fines.

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