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CBD Flower Pineapple Express at 14.9%.

CBD Flower Pineapple Express at 14.9%.

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At the discovery of the CBD Pineapple Express flower (14,9%) - 5G

We find in the taste and smell of this hybrid flower, the very essence of the tropics: between tangy citrus flavors, aromas that are both sweet and fruity harmonious and a floral touch.

Created from a crossing between the famous Pineapple and OG Kush, its aromatic rich profile and beautiful balance between a sativa and an indica make Pineapple Express a must-have strain.

Known and loved by consumers around the world, it is, in fact, one of the most flavored cannabidiol flowers. Let yourself be seduced by its particularly dense and fleshy buds, of a rather impressive size, having already allowed it to win the first place of the High Cannabis Cup! You'll love tasting it with its sweet flavors very powerful as well as its juicy notes of pineapple and exotic fruits.

Pineapple Express, a CBD flower with multiple benefits and a thousand and one virtues

Her generous CBD content makes her very effective in treating many ailments and make you feel effects on the body and mind quickly. From a dominant sativa, Pineapple Express will come to boost your energy and creativity. You will benefit from a better concentration thanks to its incredible strengthening and energizing power.

Equipped with anxiolytic properties, it is ideal for consumers wishing to relieve their state of stress and anxiety but also other problems arising from it such as migraines and insomnia.

With it, you are guaranteed to fall asleep more easily and recover a more restful sleep. Pineapple Express is often recommended for novices in light cannabis but it is also suitable for connoisseurs suffering from hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. In addition, this product will be your best ally slimming because of its appetite suppressant effect.

This cannabidiol flower has interesting anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties allowing you to reduce all kinds of inflammation and is a product of choice for athletes or people suffering from chronic diseases.

In addition to promoting memorization and helping you stay focused all day, it helps fight against chronic fatigue. Guaranteed 100% organic, this natural flower has been grown under the best conditions of temperature and humidity control.

It contains no pesticides or GMOs and its THC content is less than 0.2%. Moreover, it was manufactured in compliance with European standards in force and is completely free of psychoactive substances.

How to best consume and store Pineapple Express.

Consume your favorite CBD flower the way you want by focusing on healthy consumption patterns: Inhaling/spraying To vaporize your Pineapple Express please use a specialized quality vaporizer that you will heat to 180°C.

In infusion To infuse the CBD flower, put a little in a bowl filled with water heated to about 80-90°C containing a fat, like butter, cream, milk or vegetable oil because cannabidiol is fat-soluble.

In the kitchen Incorporate a little of this product into all your small dishes, starting with low dosages (1 to 2g per dish) that you will gradually increase depending on the desired effects. Do not forget the fat. To keep it without losing quality, please store it in an airtight container, away from light and moisture.

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