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E liquid CBD Lemon Haze 10 ml Greeneo

E liquid CBD Lemon Haze 10 ml Greeneo

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At the heart of Lemon Haze E-Liquid: citrus notes, fresh and natural Dive into a bath of freshness with fruity, tangy and herbal accents with Lemon Haze e-liquid. This premium product is derived from Broad Spectrum hemp plants. This technique retains all the benefits of hemp and its various cannabinoids, while ensuring maximum bioavailability. However, we remove all the THC from Broad Spectrum, which guarantees a product without psychoactive substances, in accordance with the legislation. The result? An oil with the purity and the intensity perfectly preserved, for a powerful result and an irresistible taste. The subtle lemon flavors of Lemon Haze carry you away in a sweet and sparkling cloud, like a juicy lemon. The natural citrus notes, with no artificial flavors, make this oil a particularly pleasurable experience. It is found in four CBD concentrations: 100mg, 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg. Succumb to the balanced, invigorating and relaxing charm of Lemon Haze e-liquid!


Lemon Haze e-liquid is a high quality product, composed of the best organic European hemp, grown without pesticides. Balanced and pure, this oil brings together all the elements of hemp, in a rich and complete composition. It contains cannabinoids and their relaxing effects and flavonoids, with anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, the terpenes, present in many plants, bring as for them their flavor and their characteristic aromas, resinous and acidulous.


Like any product based on hemp and CBD, the e-liquid Lemon Haze requires conservation in good conditions, to preserve all the benefits. Thus, it is strongly advised to keep your e-liquid in a place protected from light and humidity. The room temperature is also ideal not to alter the components of the oil. Finally, clean your vaporizer regularly.

The benefits of Lemon Haze e-liquid

Like any CBD-based product, Lemon Haze e-liquid brings together many benefits. The cannabidiols that make up CBD make it a real "feel good" substance, which acts on both the morale and the body. The CBD has indeed slightly anxiolytic virtues, as well as anti-inflammatory, very interesting for a daily consumption. Among the main benefits brought by the e-liquid, we find first of all a deep relaxation, gently. The relaxation brought in the form of e-liquid is particularly effective and useful to manage the moments of stress on a daily basis. Consuming Lemon Haze also helps to soothe certain types of pain naturally, such as chronic and muscular pain. Headaches, joint pains or even menstrual cramps are thus relieved. Finally, consumed at the end of the day or in the evening, Lemon Haze e-liquid puts you in optimal condition for a restful sleep. The relaxation promotes a faster sleep and helps fight against insomnia and other nighttime awakenings, all without addiction.

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