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Résine CBD APPLE 10% 1G

Resin CBD APPLE 10% 1G

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Irresistible because of its pleasant taste and beneficial for health because of its composition in CBD, the resin CBD or hash CBD is a paste obtained naturally from hemp plants. With its THC content of less than 0.2%, Apple CBD resin 10% 1g meets all legal requirements. Moreover, its CBD content gives it the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol. Let's discover this CBD resin with apple flavours.

How is Apple CBD resin 10% 1g made?

Hashish light, also known as resin, is a 100% natural CBD extraction. This flavoured resin, a product of Plant Of Life, is extracted from the best cannabis plants. The extraction of CBD Apple resin requires the use of the natural sieve system so that the trichomes break up and fall into a special container.

This is followed by the aromatization process, which is based on terpenes. These terpenes characterize the aroma and fragrance of the plant. In other words, it is the terpenes that aromatize the resin so that it gets the apple flavor.

What about the consumption pattern?

As highlighted above, Apple CBD Resin has a low THC content and this is what makes it legal for consumption. As far as the actual consumption is concerned, you have several options to choose from. You can add the product to your culinary compositions, but focus on recipes that do not require long cooking.

You can also consume CBD Apple Resin 10% by infusion or by vaporization (using a vaporizer dedicated to this use). Alternatively, you can proceed by inhalation: simply heat the resin and inhale the vapor.

Dosage of CBD Apple resin 10% g

For a start, it is strongly recommended to start with small doses. This will allow you to analyze your body's sensitivity to cannabidiol so that you can determine the dosage that suits you best. If you are not satisfied with small doses, then you can start to increase gradually. Of course, the desired effect must be taken into account. Any possible improvement will be able to place you on the ideal dosage. If you are still unsure, consulting a doctor will be of great help.

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