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Résine CBD GIRL SCOUT COOKIES 10% 1G Plant of Life


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Among the CBD products from the Plant of Life brand, some are crosses of several flavors. This is the case of the CBD Girl Soout Cookes 10% resin which is a mixed product with chocolate cookie flavours and fresh minty aromas. Ideal for cannabidiol fanatics, this resin with CBD extracts and a novel taste will bring you unparalleled relaxation.

Benefits of CBD Girl Scout Cookies 10% 1g

The CBD Girl Scout Cookies resin differs from other forms of resins in the first place by its manufacturing process. Indeed, it is extracted as naturally as possible and directly from the trichomes of hemp plants. It is therefore a high concentration of cannabidiol that has undergone several tests that confirm its good quality.

Made with the best hemp plants, Girl Scout Cookies 10% is a more compact and intense form than the classic flowers. It multiplies the natural effects of cannabidiol. Moreover, this resin is very appreciated on the market because of its hybrid flavor composed of two great varieties: OG Kush and Sour Diesel. These make it sweet, earthy, minty and creamy at the same time. Mild and comforting, it is suitable for all types of consumers.

What do you need to know about the effects of this resin?

Very stimulating, CBD Girl Scout Cookies allows you to go about your daily business with gusto. It acts directly on the nervous system to de-stress you to the maximum. You are therefore free of stress and negative thoughts throughout your day.

In addition, the effects of the resin are fast and intense. It puts you in a good mood without having any psychoactive or harmful effects on your body. Also, this form of resin acts strongly on your muscular pains and ensures you an intense relaxation. It even helps you to relieve small digestive disorders.

Resin CBD Girl Scout Cookies 10% 1g : the dosage

To dose the CBD resin Scout Cookies 10% 1 g, it is often necessary to ask the advice of a doctor before use because there is no standard dosage suitable for everyone. Despite the very low THC content (0.2%), it is important to dose your resin correctly. It is best to start with small quantities that you will have time to evaluate in order to find the right one for you.

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