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Résine CBD MANGO KUSH 10% 1G Plant of Life

CBD resin MANGO KUSH 10% 1G

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MANGO KUSH terpene-flavoured CBD resin is a 100% natural extraction from the tops of cannabis plants. In addition to its relaxing and soothing effects, it brings you the tropical scents of MANGO KUSH allowing you to consume cannibidiol with a unique fresh mango aroma.

The benefits of MANGO KUSH CBD resin

If you like both mango and cannabidiol, you will definitely love MANGO KUSH CBD resin. You'll also find a bit of banana, pineapple and pungent Kush flavor. Apart from its exquisite scents, you also get all the benefits of CBD. Moreover, this natural resin contains only trace amounts of THC. It is therefore permitted for consumption and does not cause any psychotic effects.

The effects of MANGO KUSH CBD resin

Consuming MANGO KUSH CBD resin helps to soothe your body and give it a sense of well-being. It makes you more sociable, improves your mood and relieves stress and depression. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD it contains, this resin relieves pain and inflammation. It has a beneficial effect on digestive disorders and helps people addicted to certain substances to quit. It can however cause mild side effects if not consumed properly, but does not cause any addiction.

How to dose MANGO KUSH CBD resin?

There are no rules for dosing MANGO KUSH CBD resin. The dosage is based on your body mass, the ailment you want to relieve and your body's ability to tolerate cannabis. A doctor's advice can be very helpful, especially if you are already on medication. But for a beginner, regular use in very small doses is ideal.

You can start with a single dose that you take later in the day and then adjust it to your body. But, whatever the chosen dose, if the consumption is not adequate, you expose yourself to even more serious health problems. You can only take this resin by inhaling it, vaporizing it or as a food supplement.

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