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Résine CBD AMNESIA 3,8% 1G Plant of Life

CBD Resin AMNESIA 3.8% 1G

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Amnesia CBD resin is derived from hemp plants grown without pesticides. It is a natural extract flavoured with the terpenes of the Amnesia variety. It is to this variety that Amnesia CBD resin owes its specific and unique taste.

What are the benefits of Amnesia CBD resin 3.8% 1g?

The Amnesia cannabis variety from which this resin is made is a hybrid of Neville's Haze and Enemy of the State. This variety is very concentrated in THC, but you will be seduced by the virtues and the flavours of its resin. Thus, to comply with the legislation in force, the rate of THC contained in the resin CBD Amnesia is less than 0,2 %, which makes it legal to consume.

With a CBD content of 3.8%, this resin gives you all the effects of cannabidiol with the pleasant minty, woody and fruity aromas of Amnesia. It also has a nice light brown colour. Being a product of the brand Plant of Life, its quality is not to be proven anymore. Compared to CBD flowers, this resin is much more concentrated and easier to store.

What are the effects?

Amnesia CBD resin gives you the relaxing and soothing properties of cannabidiol. It also has energizing and stimulating effects that will allow you to better enjoy your day. These effects are felt instantly, but are not too powerful. It is especially appreciated for its ability to help better manage mood swings, sleep problems, stress, anxiety and many other ailments. When it comes to dealing with lack of motivation, creativity and sociability, CBD Amnesia resin can help tremendously.

How to dose CBD Amnesia resin?

Due to the CBD concentration of this resin, it is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. There is no reference for the dosage of CBD Amnesia resin. On the other hand, it is not recommended to dose it following the example of a relative who has already used this product. The right dosage is specific to the body of each. It is therefore preferable to start with small doses that you will adjust according to your sensitivity to this resin. Remember also to take the advice of your doctor for more precautions.

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