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Résine CBD PEACH 3,8% 1G Plant of Life

CBD PEACH resin 3,8% 1G

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CBD PEACH 3.8% resin is extracted from a variety of hemp plants. In order to guarantee you the best experience, several controls are applied during the conception of this product. In other words, this resin is an appropriate and legal way to consume your legal cannabis in all serenity.

The effects of Peach 3.8% 1g

If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD in moderation, this light version of 3.8% CBD will suit you very well. Whether you are an amateur or just starting out, this resin is ideal for your moments of relaxation. Even if its level of CBD is relatively low, its high density of cannabinoids guarantees you satisfactory results.

Indeed, the effects of this CBD resin are much more powerful and faster than those of a classic flower. The first few minutes following the consumption of CBD With Peach 3.8%, you will feel a gentle sense of well-being throughout your body. This is followed by a feeling of relaxation that makes you feel lighter.

You will be delivered from the stiffness of your body and the nervousness accumulated during your long working days. A feeling of joy of living and appeasement will invade your whole body. If you also suffer from insomnia for example, this resin will help you to find a long, peaceful and pleasant sleep.

Are there any contraindications to using CBD?

The consumption of CBD (cannabidiol) is subject to several uses. Whether in cosmetics or to fight against tobacco addiction, cultivated hemp is a good alternative. It has many virtues that you can easily enjoy.

However, it should be noted that there are contraindications, although this product is not not a psychotropic or narcotic drug. These depend on each individual, because each organism reacts differently to cannabidiol. It is therefore necessary to have a minimum of knowledge of its effects before its consumption. One of the contraindications concerns its use in combination with tobacco. Also, it is strongly advised against smoking CBD.

What about the legality of this CBD resin?

Concerning the question of legality for the consumption of this product, you do not have to worry. This product has been extracted from hemp plants with a THC level below 0.2%, which is fully compliant with the regulations in force in France. And for the actual consumption of this resin, you can proceed by vaporization or by inhalation.

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