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Résine CBD MANGO FRUIT 3,8% 1G

CBD resin MANGO FRUIT 3.8% 1G

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CBD resins extracted from the trichomes of therapeutic cannabis plants come in many fruity and sweet flavours. This is the case of CBD resin MANGO FRUIT 3.8% characterized by a light cannabidiol content and a fruity mango flavor. This CBD hash also has therapeutic effects similar to those of the hemp plant.

The characteristics of this CBD resin

The resin CBD MANGO FRUIT 3,8 % resulting from the variety Solid contains 3,8 % of cannabidiol. The effects they provide are more powerful than those of a simple CBD flower. Indeed, this resin CBD with the exotic flavor of mango contains other cannabinoids which reinforce its action. Moreover, this resin has many therapeutic properties.

Because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, its consumption will soothe you physically and mentally. It will help you fight against ailments such as anxiety, stress and pain (in muscles and joints). Moreover, this CBD resin does not cause any psychoactive or euphoric effects. In other words, after its consumption, you will always be awake, stimulated and in a good mood.

How to consume this CBD resin?

Like most CBD products, this resin can be inhaled or vaporized using a ceramic or glass container. You can also vaporize it using a grid sprayer. If you prefer herbal tea and infusions, you can also infuse MANGO FRUIT 3.8% CBD resin.

However, it is advisable to add a small amount of fat (vegetable oil, milk, honey ...) to your drink. The aim is to accelerate the dissolution of the cannabinoids contained in the resin. In addition, you can also incorporate this CBD resin in your favorite dishes or culinary preparations.

How to dose it properly?

The consumption of CBD resin MANGO FRUIT 3,8 % is completely legal, because it is a CBD product with a THC level lower than 0,2§%. However, its consumption is forbidden to minors. Moreover, you should not smoke it because of the toxicity of its smoke.

As for the dosage, it is recommended to start with small doses, then increase it according to your sensitivity and the effect you are looking for. Indeed, there is no standard dosage and to find your own, you must do consumption tests until you find the dose that produces the effect you are looking for.

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