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Résine CBD BERRIES 3,8% 1G

Resin CBD BERRIES 3.8% 1G

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CBD resin is the perfect solution for cannabis enthusiasts who want to consume it legally. CBD Berries 3.8% resin is one of the varieties of this product and it has been made from the highest quality hemp plants to give you the full benefit of its effects, in a moderate way.

What to know about CBD Berries 3.8% 1g?

CBD Berries 3.8% is a mild resin that is suitable for periodic consumption. Despite its 3.8% CBD concentration, its effects are powerful and almost immediate. In addition, this product has been developed in such a way that you can fully enjoy the virtues of CBD. This will allow you to discover the many soothing properties of cannabis. Moreover, compared to CBD flowers, this product is much more concentrated in CBD.

What are the advantages of this resin?

By consuming Berries 3.8% resin you will experience little fatigue or drowsiness. On the contrary, you will stay awake and benefit from the calming and anti-inflammatory effects that act automatically. Moreover, after the first consumption, the effect of the resin lasts for hours before the user thinks of repeating the experience.

Of course, this will not prevent you from carrying out your daily tasks. On the contrary, you may even be more focused and energetic than usual. Another benefit of this product is its ability to relieve stress, anxiety and chronic pain. With CBD Berries 3.8% resin, you will be able to greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Thanks to this, you will have a more serene lifestyle with enough energy.

What is the flavour of CBD Berries resin?

With its sweet and woody berry scent, Berries 3.8% CBD resin is a moderate strength resin, making it accessible to everyone even beginners. Added to this is the taste of purely natural hemp with no pesticides or chemical ingredients. You get a fine and delicious extraction from this blend.

If you like red fruits, you will certainly appreciate this resin which is a mix of cherry, strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant. You will enjoy its particular taste for a long time while giving your body long moments of relaxation. Also, in order to enjoy the CBD Berries resin in the best possible way, choose either an herbal tea, a juice or a vaporization.

As far as the legislation on this product is concerned, the consumption of this resin is completely legal, because it respects the standards in force which fix the rate of THC to 0,2 % maximum.

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